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Friday, June 11, 2010
On Wednesday Stryder went to MUSC for his appointment. The reason we got in so quickly is because the DR requested to see him thought he had autism. I explained to her that on paper it looks like it, but we honestly didn't think he has autism. She observed him playing while we talked and said that she would like to do the test because he was showing obvious signs. We talked a little about it and decided taht the test would be good so that we would have it documented either way, but I explained how she will see how well he plays with adults and interacts, etc. Stryder is very detail orientated and when he plays by himself, this can be construed as autism.

Needless to say, Stryder does not have autism. She said that we will probably have that brought up during every appointment but at least we will have a diagnosis to show people. She said that he was an interesting case and thought there might be something that neurology can help with. She was a psychiatrist and was not authorized to make other opinions. The neurology department had a waiting list of more than 6 months so we have to get an EEG and get bumped to triage so he can get in there first.

She also said that he needed an occupational therapist OT) which we knew and were trying to get it going, so she made a prescription for an eval and one time a week therapy. Poor Stryder, a lot of therapy, but at least there is a lot of playing :) I think it's worse on me though--

We have an appointment in 6 months for a with pediatric development. She wanted to make sure that we got all of our testing and also that genetics were done prior to this appointment. So, for now I need to get an EEG scheduled, make an appointment with his Pediatrician and wait for some answers, more than "this little boy is very intriguing."
Saturday, June 5, 2010
We went to the zoo last weekend-- We get a pass through Warren's work, so it makes for a fun day. Tomorrow we get to go to another baseball game if we choose to-box seats so we can stay out of the heat. Stryder really loves his outings and they are so good for him.

Kasiah - big sis

Stryders Big Syssy :)

Tickling Gorilla Toes :)

Too young to Drive--

He looks so Hot here :)

Stryder loved how this giraffe was eating-

Of all the animals, the fish were Stryders Favorite--

We got another call from the Children's Hospital and they said that we will be there for 5-8 hours testing and to bring a lunch and snacks-it will be a long day. They also told us that the new amount out of pocket was double what we were told two weeks ago because of different testing they want to do :( It's something we have to do, we're just not sure how.

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