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Saturday, August 14, 2010
Stryder had his last OT session on Thursday with Angie. She is very sad that she will not see him. She said that we need to hold off on "brushing" him until we get over there because right now there are a lot of other stresses that he will have to seal with right now. She reminded me how important it is to get an OT ASAP when we get there and told be to purchase a book called Tools for Tots as soon as I can. She said that it has a lot of detailed info on some of the "habits" Stryder has and some good ways to deal with them. We won't be able to get it for a while though, this move and the DR bills are eating away at every last dime we have.

We are talking a lot about airplanes and going in one and once we make our final landing in Oregon, we are going to go to McDonalds to let him play before our 3 hour drive. Stryder loves NaNa Naaa as he calls it. We need to give him as much normalcy as possible and give him things that are familiar as much as we can as to not disrupt him and make him more anxious than he will already be.

Tomorrow we are going to go around and take lots of pics of the area, to remember where he spent the first few years of his live. I am going to miss it here too. We also have to go to the store and get some medicine to help relax him, but tell him that it is good medicine and "let him pick it out" so we have a better chance of him taking it. I don't foresee any problems on the airplane, but sith Stryder having Sensory integration Disorder (on top of everything else), we are just not sure what to expect. He is a great kid and will do anything you ask though.

Tonight, we went to Walmart and Stryder started to organize all of the soda packs and this lady was so amazed, stopped and watched him organize. It was rather cute to her, but not so much for us anymore LOL. He walked around saying some conversation, but it was obvious it was something important, we just don't know what.

Stryder has his speech therapy on Monday and then the Early Interventionist will come to see him on Tuesday. I'm really sad that we will not be with Jayme anymore. Stryder loves playing with her and she does so good trying to get him and his mouth to do what it should. She is even often sacrificing her own fingers to hold his tongue down, to no avail LOL.

Things are great with him right now, although he can't shake off his sickness. I hope that he gets rid of it before we leave. Even when our AC went out and it was 96 in the house, Stryder would not take off his shirt and he had to sleep with a thick flannel blanket. We didn't know this was common with kids with SID- they call it a weighted blanket. Kasiah said "Mom, look, his hair is brown!" It was brown because it was wet from sweat. We put a fan right next to him and tried to remove the blanket when we could. We are learning new things all the time, and new ways to help him and us cope, so I'm sure there will be a lot of bumps along the way.


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