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Wednesday, September 1, 2010
Well, we made it! Stryder is doing great, although he does not want to be anywhere alone, in the house, outside, etc. We have spent the last few days getting information on new services they have here. We went yesterday to an open house at the pre-school program they have. I was very impressed and excited! Usually the children need to be 3 to start, but they are making an exception for Stryder. He will go on Tuesdays from 8:30 until 11 and then when he turns three he will go on Fridays too. They have speech pathologist and Occupational therapists there and the class consists of a 50% mixture of special needs and 50% who are not so they have good examples to look up to. He will be riding the bus, but we will transition into it.

The SLP was WONDERFUL! she gave us a lot of resources that we didn't have in South Carolina and even told us about an ASL class we can take for free. That really means a lot to us because it's the only way Stryder is able to communicate. She also gave us info on the children's hospital and how to get into their program and also will be starting a new class called Toddler Talk; this class will teach us proper ways of speaking to our children who are not able to talk.

I am very excited about the new services and help. Stryder LOVED the place and didn't want to leave so that was a great sign.

We will be starting with the occupational therapy soon. In the meantime, my Gray Haired Friend mailed us the book I wrote about in a previous post- THANK YOU Sharon!!!! This book has so many great tips and things that will help Stryder. He does not take baths without screaming terror and when he brushes his teeth, he gags even with the toothbrush on the outside teeth. The book says to put a weighted vest on him and do a few other things and it will help. Who would have knew that weight makes a difference, but I guess with sensory disorders it really helps. I should have known though, Stryder sleeps with a VERY heavy blanket, even in hot weather. Angie told me that most of us only know about the 5 senses but there are two others that are often haywire in kids with sensory disorders, which is Stryders Issue.

All in All, the move seems to be a good thing. I really miss South Carolina, but our son needs family help and support and it seems that we have a lot of resources that were not available in South Carolina, so I'm excited.


Sharon said...

I'm so glad the book will help. Sounds like their are lots of great things for him there. I know this lifts a burden from your heart. And school will allow you to have a few hours for yourself and allow you to regroub on bad weeks. Sound like their want be to many bad weeks for your family.

Your Gray Haired Friend said...

So glad that you are finding wonderful services there and that you guys are getting settled in!

Jayme said...

Hi Angela! I'm just reading all these posts! I am sooo glad that Stryder has a great SLP :) He is SUCH a smart, sweet little boy and I know he will do great!

Sew Many Cards said...

No one will EVER compare to you Jayme!
Miss you lots!!!!!

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