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Friday, October 1, 2010

I got a call the other day asking if they can get a photo shoot for Stryder for the community calendar. I am really excited for him. I hope that he will be able to look back on this an see that he did something great, especially because he will have a lot of trials in his life.

His SLP said that we need to get more therapy for him, at least 4 more days per week. We found out today that our insurance will cover 120 visits if it is a developmental delay (which it is) so that was great news. It wasn't covered with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

He has an infection still and we don't get insurance for another month and not a paycheck until the 8th. We thought it was getting better but then today it was worse again. We are trying to see how we can get him to the doctor and pay later. If nothing else, the ER will have to do.

These pictures were taken the first day of school on September 14- I thought he was adorable! My mom took some yesterday of him sitting on a saddle with a cowboy hat. He wouldn't smile at all, but still looks so cute. I will have to get those and post them when she edits them.


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