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Saturday, August 13, 2011
Our neighbors across the street came a couple weeks ago and said that they were having a garage sale to help raise money for the city, it was called "GeneroCity". It was the first time I met her and I was out making crafts to sell to raise money for Stryders Care, so I told her just a little about our journey so far. She came by last night and said that she asked her Pastor if we could set up a small table to raise some money for our cause and he said absolutley!

I met some tremendous people with big hearts. I sold the cards I made for $2 each and made close to $60 with very few cards. Neighbors in the area came by and one in particular, Barbara, came back and OMGosh, her heart was so generous. She wants to help us make some money by doing another garage sale, bake sale or handmade sale- something....She made me feel so good. I do not do these things for a handout, I don't want that. Yes, we really do need funds for Stryders treatment and ongoing medical issues, but I want to work for the money; I want to make things and sell them and I try very hard at that. My dream is to continue and make money for other people that have the same problems with their children and the medical help. We have great insurance and yet it still doesn't cover everything. The bill for the Mayo, for one week, was over $9,950- I can't imagine what someone without insurance, or even good insurance, has to pay. I want to help them and right now I want to help my little Stryder.

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