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Friday, May 28, 2010
Yesterday was a good day for Stryder- He had a good therapy session working on some words. He knows all of his colors- Yellow is LaLa, Green is Neee, Red is eh, purple is PoPo, Orange is dooo, Blue is Bu and he has even learned black, grey and brown. He did great at signs too. He would point to an apple and sign it saying the word -baba. He is able to say the word Bee great and found a game with a bee on it, repeating the word over and over, very proud of his accomplishment. He also kept repeating Oh Maaaaannnn sarcastily, although he would say oooo naaaaaa, but it's clear what he is trying to say because his tone is so accurate. He also sang his ABC's for Jayme, singing right on tune, but using lalalala. It's just amazing how his tone and syllables are right on, better than anyone I know, but the letter sounds are not there. It's actually quite adorable watching him talk because he is so expressive. I will get some videos on here to show just how adorable he is.

After therapy, we went to the pool where he got to play with lots of other little kids. He tried talking to them and one little girl was so mad because he couldn't say her name, she was in tears but they just don't understand at that age. There was another little boy there the same age as Stryder an he was cute, but very into the terrible two's. He has an older sister the same age as Kasiah and his mom said that she was told her son wasn't talking because they did it for him and that is what could be wrong with Stryder because her son now talks very well because they made him talk instead of doing it for him. We get that a lot and it makes me mad because Stryder does talk, it's just that he cannot be understood, but I shouldn't let it get to me. After they listen and see him talking, they can see that he does try, he just can not. He tries so hard though. It's just so amazing to see other kids his same age talking away. Stryder is so little that not talking doesn't seem too abnormal, he is still so young- that will change as he gets older, but as long as he is learning how to communicate in his own way, he will do great.


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