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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The EI came to play with Stryder today. He loves his time with Mandy and plays a lot of fun games. The visit with the EI is to introduce him to the social aspects of life. Mandy is not a DR, but she knows how to play with Stryder very well and he likes her. It took him about a month to get used to her, but he looks forward to his play time now.

We talked about the genetic testing that he will have tomorrow and also the one coming up at the Children's hospital. She said that we should be aware they may bring up autism because he does not have social skills that other kids have, but he does love adults-once he gets to know them. I also told her that the DR there said that she was going to refer him to an Occupational Therapist. Mandy was asked by the SLP if we could get one, but she said that she didn't think it was needed. Jayme, the SLP said that we would see, he did-so I am glad that someone else is going above and doing what is needed for him.

The program that Stryder is involved in is available through the government nationally free of charge -it's part of the leave no child behind program. The only obligation is that he has to qualify, which he obviously did. When he was initially evaluated, his speech was only in the 3% and that was only because he is able to make the sounds when they are isolated. He also has echolalia, meaning he can repeat what someone says exactly tone for tone and syllable for syllable (although the consonants and vowels are not the same) right after you were to say it. He can mimic any song he hears or any commercial.

Because this program is through the government, any additional resources have to go through a lot of hoops to get covered. Insurance does not cover speech therapy unless it was due to a stroke, so we have to play by their game. Mandy was very surprised that someone in genetics is doing a recommendation, but I'm very glad someone stood up for Stryder.

Mandy read some books to him and pointed to pictures, trying to get him to say the words. He is so much fun to watch. She is also using signs with him since this seems to come very easily for him.

Now that there are other concerns, there are other DR bills that are going to be coming. Insurance will obviously cover for things that are life threatening, but only up to 80% which means that we have to pay the rest. It didn't hit me until the DR at the Children's Hospital called the other day and said that we had to come up with $1000 by the appointment, and that was only for the evaluation. I'm not sure what we will do to get the funds in the future, I only hope that the signs and symptoms he has had so far go away or are just the way he is. But in my heart, I know the worst is yet to come. I just want him to keep his happiness that he has now and only wish him no pain.

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OH...Angela...I'm praying for you and your family. I hope that you get answers soon and that they are good ones. He is such a handsome boy!

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