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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stryder has started to show signs of clubbing of the fingers, which is a side-effect to some other diseases, one of which is Cystic Fibrosis, which we already already knew he didn't have. Some of the other side-effects he has are turning blue in the mouth and lips and shaking of the hands. There are 88 possible things it can be, but none of them are good and range from the best being an organ transplant to the worst being early death. I started looking at the list of possibilities but gave up after finding that some are horrible. I will await the test results.

Stryder also has loose stools, showing that at the very least is mal-absorption issues. He runs and plays just like every other child and even has better coordination. He started walking at 8 months old and hasn't stopped. He is very happy and that is the ultimate goal, no matter the outcome.

After today's call with the genetic counselor, there are other things that I should "not" be worried about: discolored brown/grey almost birth-mark like spots on his body, sweet syrup smelling urine, and other misc things that I never gave thought to. They said they will be testing for those too.

Speech delays are the most obvious sign, although the clubbing of the fingers is not something that can be seen too. He gets frustrated when we don't know what he is saying, but he is the most compliant little boy. He is not affectionate at all, but he does not throw fits and when you tell him not to do something or to do something , he will. When the EI gets books or games out and makes him choose, he will choose both, showing that he doesn't want to do the wrong thing, He is so eager to please.


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