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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Stryder had a seizure this morning.
We started out with a rough nite. Stryder went to sleep early, probably because he did not have a nap. I woke him about 9 to give him his medicine and he fell back asleep. He started out in his bed but woke and came to ours and didn't stop moving all night. I finally went to the couch to sleep. Stryder decided that he couldn't sleep either and joined me at 2 AM. I went back to bed at 4 when Warren had to get up and go to work, he put Stryder back into his own bed. Again, that didn't last and this morning while he was in what seemed to be deep sleep, he growled like a dog while his body got very tense and his left arm was jabbing into him. His face was very rigid and almost scary looking but as it ended, he was still sleeping.

I really hope that he is on the right dosage for his medicine, it's very scary to see him go through this. I still picture the brain damage that the DR. showed us and wonder if it gets worse when he has these seizures. All this worrying is stressful.

On a good note, Sharon with CASANA emailed me with some therapists in the area-well as close as I will probably get- and I was able to call and/or email them and got a couple responses. Stryder will need therapy 5 times a week and our insurance only covers 60 per year and 120 if it is a developmental delay, which it is, so that comes to only 2 times per week and we still have to pay the $25 for each visit. Oh this will be expensive- and to top it off, we are still not done with the testing.

I am excited to get a hold of a couple of therapists that might be able to help Stryder and am hopeful that he will get the sessions he needs. His speech seems to have become so much better since taking the Keppra. He is trying to add more letters to words and even though they are placed in the wrong places, he knows the words have them. It's actually kind of cute.


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