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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I know that people do not truly understand that when I say that Stryder cannot speak, I really mean he cannot speak. I have seen some improvement since he started on his seizure medicine; he is actually attempting to get all the letters in his words. For example, if you ask him to say the word "Start" he will say something link "tahts." He knows what letters should be in the word and make all the sounds, but just not in the right order.

Stryder can say "Big," sort of: he says "Beee" but when he is reading, he can say it correctly, putting emphasis on every letter. BiiiGGGG- The same goes for the word "small" which is usually naa- when reading he can sound out every letter and get it right. This gives me hope that maybe through reading he will be able to start saying words. I am sure it is a lot like singing though. Stryder can sing a tune, even though the words are not there his tone and rhythm are perfect- but speech and music use two sides of the brain. When we go for intensive therapy, I will be sure to ask Dr. Strand or Becky about this.


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