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Sunday, July 10, 2011
Stryder has started to take Keppra for his seizures. I was really worried about giving him medicine of any kind, especially one that can have very severe side effects. He was on half dosage the first week and now is taking the full dose. Every little thing he did, I was worried it was the medicine, but wasn't sure because we just got back and it could have been readjusting. Yesterday was a great day for him though and he seems happy again today. He is still waking at night, but I don't know if it is the seizures or not.

Here is where I ask, beg and then plead for your help...if you have frequent flyer miles or access to buddy passes~PLEASE consider helping us fly back to the Mayo clinic for more testing and intensive therapy.

You can contact me via email, facebook messaging or commenting on the blog or facebook link for more details~especially about giving frequent flyer miles~I have investigated the whole gifting frequent flyer miles plan and know that it would take anywhere from 45,000 to 52,500 frequent flyer miles to make this round trip happen and that it is cheaper and easier if the "gifter" just purchases the ticket versus "gifting" it.

The cost for us to go right now is about $600 per ticket.


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